Robecca Steam doll

Hey  everyone! It’s long since I posted new pictures,but I’ve been really busy! I hope you all had good time and got more monster high dolls))

Today we want to show you our doll Robecca Steam, which we bought some weeks ago.

monster high pictures robecca2

She is awesome! She is daughter of a mad scientist and she is a robot. She is made of metal, i guess of bronze, at least she has bronze color of skin, which every woman hope to get in the summer)) And i really love her eyes!!

We started to make room for her in our monstrish dollhouse, and we bought sparkle blue wallpaper for her and a chest in blue and brown colors, where she can keep her stuff, and also we bought for her room statue of steam punk pilot skeleton, which i think match her room just perfect!!

Robeccas room

monster high pictures robeccaI hope you like it!!

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