Monster High Dollhouse

Our dollhouse

Hey everyone, i did not post anything for a long time, we been pretty busy. We got new dolls – Robecca, Rochele, and Toralei. Also we bought some new furniture – Lagoonas locker and Frankies locker and also bed for Abbey. Pictures of all this i will post as soon as i can)) But today i want to show you first floor we made in our dollhouse, i hope you will like it!

Monster High Dollhouse

monster high pictures second floor

As you see on the picture this floor of the dollhouse has 2 rooms – one big for Nefera, Cleo and Lagoona, and a room for Abbey. The room for Abbey is totally complete,you will see more pictures  below. But room for sisters de Nile and Lagoona is not finished,there will be beds and some decoration on the walls. For wallpapers we used blue cardboard, and golden paper from scrap-booking sets and piece of Neferas box. Actually I think there´s nothing better than their original boxes, so most of the rooms will have pieces of boxes from dolls as a part of wall or floor.   On the picture you also can see Lagoonas locker, which is just perfect storage for her accessories, but unfortunately, since Olga wanted very much to place Lagoona on this floor there will be no place for it, so it will stand in the living room.

monster high pictures nefera and cleo room

The golden stripes on the wall is in pyramide shape.  We plan to glue on the wall portrait of Cleo.

monster high pictures abbey room

Here is Abbeys room. The floor and part of the wall are made of cardboard from bed box, black and silver striped wall made of cardboard from scrap-booking set, lamp is a ball for xmas tree, and icicles also Christmas decoration. The bed is simply amazing, it made of nacre plastic, and its white with blue and purple shine. It has lot of accessories as lamp, tv, alarm clock and cocktail which all are connected to the bed and don’t fall down) In her room now living Icy – the witch from Winx club from Kinder egg.

monster high pictures abbey room 2

Abbey seems enjoying her new room and the bed!

monster high pictures abbey room3

And she like very much to watch TV in bed, cuddling with Shiver mammoth!

I hope you liked our new pictures and stuff!!!

If you have any question about our monster high dollhouse please leave a comment or send me an email .

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